Häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ)

Falls deine Frage nicht bei den unten aufgelisteten häufig gestellten Fragen dabei ist, dann schreib mir via Email (support@songbirdfx.com).

Wie kann ich zahlen?

Du kannst via Paypal oder Kreditkarte zahlen. (Manchmal ist SOFORT auch testweise aktiviert)

Was ist ein Birdcord?

Ein Birdcord ist ein Spannungskonverterkabel welches die Spannung eines USB-Ports konvertiert, um damit verschiedene Musikgeräte versorgen zu können.

Es gibt 2 verschiedene Arten von Birdcords:

Birdcord (USB zu …V Konverterkabel)

  • das „originale“ Birdcord
  • funktioniert mit jedem USB-A Port (bevorzugt Ladeports)
  • vier verschiedene Spannungsvarianten erhältlich: 6V, 9V, 12V und 18V
  • 9W Maximalausgangsleistung (das sind 0,5A bis 1,5A Ausgangsstrom, abhängig von der jeweiligen Spannungsvariante)

Birdcord PD (PD…V – USB PD Spannungskonverter)

  • viel leistungsstärker als das originale Birdcord
  • funktioniert nur mit speziellen USB-C Power Delivery (PD) Ports (PD ist ein Schnellladestandard)
  • vier verschiedene Spannungsvarianten erhältlich: 9V, 12V, 15V and 20V
  • 3A maximaler Ausgangsstrom (Das sind 27W bis 60W Ausgangsleistung, abhängig von der jeweiligen Spannungsvariante)

Kann das Birdcord (USB zu …V) mein Gerät mit Strom versorgen?

Die meisten Effektpedale und viele andere Musikgeräte, wie Keyboards, mobile Verstärker, Loopstations, usw. können via Birdcord mit Strom versorgt werden.

Ob es funktioniert hängt von verschiedenen Kenngrößen ab: Versorgungsspannung (V), Strombedarf (mA), Steckerdimensionen (z.B. 5.5×2.1mm) und Polarität (innen positiv oder innen negativ). Diese Kenngrößen findet man in Bedienungsanleitungen, Foren, durch Messung oder in der Power List.

Versorgungsspannung: Die Versorgungsspannung (V) deines Geräts und die Ausgangsspannung des Birdcords müssen übereinstimmen. (geringe Abweichungen sind okay, z.B. kannst du mit dem Birdcord USB 6V auch 5,7V Geräte betreiben)

Strombedarf: The permanent current draw of your device shouldn’t exceed 80% of the maximum current draw of the Birdcord. Current is measured in Milliampere (mA). Instead of current draw manufacturers often rate the power consumption (W or mW) of their device. You can divide the mW-rating by the supply voltage (V) to get back to the mA-rating (mA=mW/V).

Plug Dimension: The plug dimensions of all four Birdcords is DC 5.5×2.1mm. It’s the most common plug dimension. If your device has a different plug (jack) dimension I probably offer the correct adapter.

Polarity: The polarity rating tells you if the positive (+) or negative (-) electrical pole is in the center or on the sleeve of the DC plug or jack. The Birdcord’s polarity has to match the polarity of your device. In case it doesn’t, you can easily change it with a polarity inverter.

The USB power bank shuts down when I try to power my device with a Birdcord (USB to …V). What can I do?

The startup current is too high for your USB power bank. To limit the startup current the Birdcord has an integrated soft start circuit. Make use of the soft start circuit by following the chronological startup order:

  1. switch on your device
  2. plug the Birdcord into your device
  3. plug the Birdcord into the USB power bank

What separates the Birdcord (USB to …V) series from other voltage converters?

Birdcords are designed for audio applications (noise-free!) and for the use with USB power banks. This means that they avoid the power bank from shutting down at high startup currents of big devices (portable amps, keyboards, big digital pedals) as well as avoiding the low-current shutdown of power banks for smaller devices (like analog guitar pedals). The use of high-quality components ensures longevity and market-leading output power.

Which USB power bank should I get?

For the Birdcord (USB to …V) :
For best results choose a USB power bank with an output current of at least 2A. Even better would be 2.1A or higher. I have good experiences with power banks from Anker, but other manufacturers will work too.

For the Birdcord PD (PD…V):
Choose a power bank that is capable of Power Delivery (PD). Also, make sure that your desired output voltage is listed in the specifications and that it has enough power for your application.
Baseus 65W 20000mAh PD portable charger, 1x 65W USB-C PD output: 5V=3A / 9V=3A / 12V=3A / 15V=3A / 20V=3.25A
This power bank is capable of all four voltage options (9V, 12V, 15V, 20V) at full power (3A) and it is widely available (via Amazon or Aliexpress).

How long can my device be powered from one charge?


Example: The Boss RC-1 loop pedal draws approximately 100mA of current at a supply voltage of 9V. My power bank has a capacity of 10.000mAh.
=> TIME = 10.000 * 3.7 * 0.8 / (100 * 9) = 33 hours

Can I use a USB power bank with two outputs to use two Birdcords (USB to …V) at the same time?

Yes, with reservations. Usually, it works perfectly fine. Technically, you are creating a ground loop by doing this and this could cause noise, but usually, it just works. By using a 5-way daisy chain adapter or a 2-way dc splitter you can power more devices from only one Birdcord.
By using a second power bank you can create an isolated power supply, in case you need it.

Can I use a USB extension cable between Birdcord (USB to …V) and USB outlet?

No, don’t do this! It puts a huge impedance between the USB outlet and the Birdcord. This will eventually damage the Birdcord. It’s better to use an extension on the output side of the Birdcord. A 5-way daisy chain adapter or a 2-way dc splitter can act as a suitable extension.

Can I use a USB meter between Birdcord (USB to …V) and USB outlet to measure the current draw?

No, don’t do this! It puts a huge impedance between the USB outlet and the Birdcord. This will eventually damage the Birdcord. Besides, the current you are measuring in this spot is not the same as on the Birdcord output due to different voltages.

Can I use the Birdcord (USB to …V) outside?

Yes, in combination with a USB power bank the Birdcord allows you to use your audio devices anywhere you like. Keep in mind though, that direct sunlight on a hot day can lead to overheating of the Birdcord and the power bank, especially when you draw a lot of current.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, I ship worldwide. Find more information here.

Have you already shipped my order?

Currently, I ship orders twice a week. You will receive a confirmation email on the day of shipment.

Can I get a tracking number for my order?

In most countries I offer priority shipping without tracking number, to keep the shipping cost low. Your order will arrive in your mailbox just like a letter. In some countries, I offer registered priority shipping with a tracking number. In case your order says „Registered Priority“ you can contact me for your tracking number.

Where is Songbird FX based?

Songbird FX is based in the heart of Europe, in Molln, Austria.