Songbird FX – USB Power For Audio Devices


We build Power Supply Innovations for musical devices. Our newest line of products are the Birdcord Voltage Converter Cables. The Birdcords convert the voltage of any USB port to either 6-Volt, 9-Volt, 12-Volt or 18-Volt DC. We also developed a line of USB rechargeable guitar pedals.


You Will Never Have To Buy Batteries Again!

Use the Birdcords in combination with an ordinary USB power bank to become grid-independent. No more one-way batteries! No more expensive power supplies! Play your music outside!


No More Hum, Buzz, And Hiss!

Silence is our passion: Our products operate completely noise-free.


Designed To Last.

We use only high-quality components and hardware to satisfy the needs of the touring and recording musician.


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