Birdcord USB to 18V Converter Cable


Lets you power your 18-volt devices via USB.

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The Birdcord USB to 18V Converter Cable allows you to power your 18V devices via USB.

  • Converts 5V DC (USB Voltage) to 18V DC
    Plug it into any USB port (wall chargers, computers, USB portable chargers,…) to power your 18-volt devices!
  • Compatible with many Guitar Pedals and other Devices!
    Perfect choice for powering 18V audio devices. Especially overdrive and preamp circuits can often be powered with 18V which gives them more headroom than a common 9V power supply.  Some examples are the Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone, the Fulltone OCD, the Headway EDM-1 and EDB-2 preamps and many more.
  • Play Outside!
    Be grid-independent by using this converter cable in combination with a USB power bank/portable charger. Enjoy many hours of freedom before recharging!
  • No more Hum, Buzz, and Hiss
    Noise-free operation especially with USB power banks/portable chargers!
  • Technical Specifications
    Output voltage: 18V DC, peak output current: 500mA, polarity: center negative, cable length: 55 cm (21″), output plug dimensions: DC 5.5 x 2.1 mm
  • Worldwide Shipping/Pay with any Currency
    We provide inexpensive and fast International Priority Shipping. Although the price is stated in Euro you can pay with any currency on this website. The payment gateway performs an automatic currency conversion.

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