Birdcord USB to 9V Converter Cable

24.00  16.99 

The Birdcord is a USB to 9 Volt Converter Cable for powering your 9 Volt devices with USB power:

  • Converts 5 Volt USB Power to 9 Volt DC
    Plug it into any USB port (wall chargers, computers, USB powerbanks,…) to power your 9 Volt devices
  • Compatible with Guitar Pedals, Mini Amps and More
    2.1mm DC plug, Boss polarity (center negative)
  • No more Hum, Buzz and Hiss
    Noisefree operation especially with USB powerbanks / portable chargers
  • Enough Current even for most Digital Pedals
    Maximum Output Current = 850mA
  • Perfect for Pedalboards
    Works great with daisy chain adapters
    Cable length = 50cm
  • Worldwide Shipping
    Inexpensive and fast International Priority Shipping

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