9V Korg/Casio Adapter Cable


Makes the Birdcord USB to 9-Volt Converter Cable compatible with Korg and Casio devices.

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Many Korg and Casio devices need a 9-volt power supply with center positive polarity and an unusual plug dimension. The “Birdcord to Korg/Casio Adapter” converts the polarity and the plug dimension to make the Birdcord USB to 9-Volt Converter Cable compatible with these devices.

  • Makes the Birdcord Compatible with 9-Volt Korg/Casio Devices
    Devices that would usually need the power supply Korg KA-350 or Casio AD-E95100 can now be powered with a Birdcord USB to 9-Volt Converter Cable and many other 9-volt pedal power supplies.
  • Polarity Conversion / Red Output Plug
    The red output plug indicates the polarity conversion of this adapter cable to prevent accidental usage. When using this adapter, always take a center negative power supply for your center positive devices.
  • Play Outside!
    Make your devices independent from the grid by using this adapter cable in combination with a Birdcord USB to 9-Volt Converter Cable and a USB power bank.
  • Input Requirements
    9V DC, center negative polarity, barrel plug dimension: 5.5 x 2.1 mm (compatible with Birdcord and Birdcord PD)
    Maximum output current [A or mA] higher than current draw of your device

If you have questions please contact us via support@songbirdfx.com.

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