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PRESS RELEASE: New Birdcord PD-Series Finally Released

Songbird FX Introduces New Birdcord PD Power Cables

It‘s now possible to portably power musical devices via USB Power Delivery!

Molln, Austria – January 30, 2023 – Songbird FX has unveiled their new Birdcord PD power cables, designed for easily powering various audio devices from a USB Power Delivery charger.


  • 4 Different Voltage Versions
    9V, 12V, 15V, and 19-20V versions are available.
  • High Output Power
    With an output current of up to 3A, the Birdcord PD power cables are significantly more powerful than other USB power cables. That‘s enough current to power multi-effects pedals, 12V Elektron devices, amplifiers, synths, samplers, and all sorts of other demanding DC devices.
  • Play Your Music Outside!
    Get many hours of grid-independent and noise-free power by using a USB PD portable charger/power bank.
  • How Does It Work?
    The Birdcord PD makes use of the new USB Power Delivery (PD) fast charging standard. It communicates with the USB PD portable charger (or USB PD wall charger) to negotiate the desired output voltage. The voltage conversion then takes place inside the PD charger.

See the Birdcord PD demo video:

The new ‘Birdcord PD‘ power cables are the successor of the very popular series of ‘Birdcord USB‘ voltage converter cables. A lot of experience and customer feedback ran into their development to ensure highest practicability.

Each voltage version of the new Birdcord PD power cable is currently available at a price of €18.99 (approx. $20) directly from the Songbird FX webshop, where they provide fast and inexpensive worldwide shipping.

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Songbird FX was founded in 2016 by hardware design engineer Dieter Höller in Molln, Austria. Their goal is to provide innovative portable power supply solutions for musical devices. Along with the new Birdcord PD (Power Delivery) power cables they also offer the original Birdcords, which are voltage converter cables for standard USB ports. Songbird FX are selling their products directly from their website. They provide fast and inexpensive worldwide shipping.


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