Bluebird Drive – World’s First Micro-USB Rechargeable Analog Guitar Effect Is Out Now

Today the sale of the ‘Bluebird Drive’ guitar overdrive pedal started. You can purchase it directly from us via

The Bluebird Drive is a simple but effective overdrive that keeps the original timbre of the guitar and takes it one step further – no tone knob needed. It is the world’s first analog guitar effect, that is rechargeable via the included Micro-USB cable. Just plug it into your Smartphone wall charger or your computer and in less than two hours it will be fully charged. The integrated Li-Ion battery lasts for more than 100 hours of playing time. Highest build quality makes the Bluebird Drive the perfect choice for professional and semi-professional musicians as well as demanding hobby guitarists.

Songbird FX - Bluebird Drive Si and Ge - Silicon Germanium Clipping Stage Diodes Overdrive Pedal Rechargeable Micro-USB

‘Bluebird Drive Si’ (silicon clipping stage) and ‘Bluebird Drive Ge’ (germanium clipping stage)

The Bluebird Drive is available in two versions:

  • Bluebird Drive Si:

    Legendary 1N4148 silicon clipping diodes deliver a great range of sounds, going from clean boost to singing leads.

  • Bluebird Drive Ge:

    Rare soviet D9D germanium clipping diodes (NOS) give you a sound that goes from warm overdrive to fuzzy leads. The asymmetrical clipping stage combines the characteristical low clipping threshold of germanium diodes on the positive half wave with higher output level on the negative half wave (achieved by connecting a silicon 1N4148 in series to the D9D).


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